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Information prior to the contracting process

The present websites, www.balneospauniforms.com, and balneo.es, belong to STYLE BALNEO SLU, with Spanish tax code (CIF) B66728460 and with registered fiscal address at CALLE JOSEP ESTIVILL, 64-68, 08027 BARCELONA.

These General Contracting Terms and Conditions serve to regulate the distance selling relationship between STYLE BALNEO SLU and their users or customers, pursuant to the following Spanish legal stipulations, in particular to General Contracting Conditions Law 7/1998, of 13th April, Law 3/2014, of 27th March, modifying the consolidated text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, indicated in Royal Decree 1906/1999, of 17th December; which in turn served to regulate the General Terms and Conditions of Telephone and Electronic Contracting; Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, concerning the Protection of Personal Data; Regulation of Retail Trade Law 7/1996, of 15th January; and Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Law 34/2002, of 11th July.

STYLE BALNEO SLU reserve the right to make such modifications as they may deem necessary to these General Conditions, without prior notification. Such modifications may be made via their websites or in any other legally admissible way, and compliance therewith will be mandatory throughout the time that such modifications are published on the web and until they have been validly changed, by means of subsequent modifications. Nevertheless, BALNEO SPA SL also reserves the right, in determined cases, to apply Particular Contracting Terms and Conditions with preference over the present General Terms and Conditions, whenever they consider such to be necessary, announcing them at any time and in any way that they judge to be expedient.

The purpose of the website is to present professional clothing and offer it for sale.

The duration of the contract will depend on the delivery of the product, subject to the customers right to reject.

As the user, or client, you must expressly declare that you know, understand and accept both the Terms and Conditions of Use and the present General Contracting Terms and Conditions. In the same way you must also declare that you are of legal age and have the necessary legal capacity and competence to access the STYLE BALNEO SLU websites and to enter into contract therein.

In order to acquire our products you will have to visit to the corresponding sections in our online shop.

Once the purchasing process has been completed customers will receive confirmation by email. It is essential that, at some point during the purchasing process, you indicate a valid email address. If, 24 hours after completing your order, you have not received confirmation you should contact BALNEO SPA SL at the Customer Service phone number +34 93 511 10 11, or at the email info@balneo.es.

All of the web contents are published in Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian and French.

The customer, on receiving delivery of the product at the delivery address provided, will also receive an invoice or a copy of the order.

Offer and Validity

In those cases where a product is under offer it will always state, alongside the essential characteristic of the product, the offer price and the period of time in which the said offer will be valid.

In compliance with current rules and regulations STYLE BALNEO SLU provides information on all of the articles that they sell, their characteristics and prices. Nevertheless, STYLE BALNEO SLU reserve the right to reject, replace or change the products that they offer on their website, simply by changing the contents of that site. In this way the products that are available, on the web at any given time will be governed by the General Contracting Terms and Conditions that are valid in each case. Moreover, the company will also have the right, without prior notification and at any time, to cease to offer access to any given product.

Essential Characteristics of the Products

All of the products offered through our online shop will incorporate photos and will include a description of the essential characteristics of that product, which is the information obtained from the manufacturer. The colour of the product, as shown in the photo, is not binding, and the actual colour will be indicated in the description of the product characteristics.


All of the products show the sale price in Euros, in Pounds Sterling and in US Dollars. The taxes on these prices are applied as follows:

In Spain: The prices shown do not include the respective taxes. The taxes are levied once purchasing has been completed and will be equivalent to the applicable rate of VAT at that time .

In the European Union: Taxes are not levied in the cases of customers with a registered address and fiscal data in a European Union country (excepting Spain).

Countries outside the European Union: Taxes are not levied. However, customers will have to pay the corresponding import duties in their country. This sum will have to be paid to the shipping agency on delivery of the order.

Should any other tax or duty be applicable this will be indicated.

Delivery and Shipment Costs

STYLE BALNEO SLU only make deliveries to mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. When placing orders from countries NOT in the EU you will have to contact our Customer Attention Service via the following email eshop@balneospauniforms.com.

Shipment costs will depend on the total number of products acquired and the country that they must be sent to, which is why these costs are not calculated until the end of the purchasing processes. If you wish you can calculate them yourself using the following table

Payment Terms and Filling the Order

Customers can pay the cost of their order in any of the following ways. During the purchasing process you will have to indicate the form in which you wish to make payment:

By credit card, VISA or MASTERCARD

All operations that require the transmission of personal or banking data take place in a secure environment, a server based on standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. All of the information that we transmit is encrypted as it travels through the web.

Likewise, your credit card data are entered directly at the bank’s page, at the POS (the Bank’s Point of Sale) and are either entered nor registered at any STYLE BALNEO SLU server.

When paying with a VISA or MASTERCARD card you will always be asked for the following data: your card number, its expiry date, and the validation code- The validation code is the last three digits of the number printed in italic script on the back of your VISA or MASTERCARD card. This offers you greater guarantees with regard to the security of the transaction.

This form of payment is only valid on the web.

Should a purchase have been fraudulently or incorrectly charged using a card number for payment, the actual card holder may demand the immediate cancelation of the charge. In such cases the corresponding annotations for the charge and the refund in the accounts of the supplier and card holder will be made as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, should the purchase have, in effect, been made by the card holder, and should it be the case that the demand for a refund is not the result of having exercised the right o reject or resolve and, consequently, that the annulations of the corresponding charge has been demanded incorrectly, then the card holder will be bound, before STYLE BALNEO SLU, to reimburse such damages as may have been caused as a consequence of the said cancelation.

By bank transfer

If you select the bank transfer option you will receive, along with the confirmation of your order, an email with the STYLE BALNEO SLU banking data.

When making the transfer it is essential that you indicate, under the applicable heading, the order number, along with your full name, and that you make the transfer within the 3 days following the date of confirmation of the order, for purposes of validation.

If you wish, you can send us the transfer confirmation document by email to info@balneo.es. However, in any case, the order will not be considered as effective until our administration department has received confirmation of the transfer from the bank.

We remind you that payments must be made in Euros and that any exchange rate or banking commissions will have to be met by the customer.

In the case of bank transfers made from outside Spain it is of the utmost importance that, when ordering the transfer, you always instruct your bank to pay the origin charges, i.e. the bank charges and costs that correspond to your bank. If you do not do this STYLE BALNEO SLU may put the shipment of your order on hold until we receive the full payment for that order.

Any exchange rate or banking charges that may be included will have to be met by the customer.


Paypal allows for online payments to be made in a secure and convenient way. The PayPal web has been based on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards in order to set up a global, real-time payment solution. Paypal provide a service that is specifically designed for those who are not satisfied with traditional payment mechanisms.

For more information contact Paypal at. http://www.paypal.com.

Once you have received our email confirming the sending of the shipment you can expect delivery within an estimated term of 72 hours, although this could be up to 4 days, depending on your country and location. The delivery terms for countries with a distributor are usually from 7 to 15 days.

We do not make partial deliveries of orders. In cases where we do not have one or more of the ordered products in stock we will wait until we can completly fill the order before going ahead with shipment.

The availability of the products offered by STYLE BALNEO SLU may vary depending on customer demand. Despite the fact that BALNEO SPA SL update their stock on a regular basis it may be the case that the product requested by the customer is out of stock at the time when the order is placed. In those cases where orders cannot be filled due to unavailability, as soon as STYLE BALNEO SLU become aware of the situation they will send an email to the customer, notifying them of the impossibility of filling their complete order. This notification will be sent within at most 5 days. BALNEO SPA SL may then offer the double option of either supplying the customer with a product of similar or superior characteristics, without increasing the price, or, and excepting in the case of reasonable grounds that can be justified by STYLE BALNEO SLU, within this same period refunding the amounts paid, should the delay result in a cancellation of the order. Should it be the case that STYLE BALNEO SLU have not made such a refund within a maximum term of 30 days, then the purchaser will be able to claim the payment of double the amount thereof, regardless of any rights they may also have to indemnity.

Right to Reject, Return and Complaints

The purchaser will also have a minimum term of fourteen calendar days to reject the delivery, taken from the day on which the product has been delivered, without whatsoever penalty and without any need to justify such a rejection.

The exercising of the right to reject must be carried out by means of notification, whether by telephone, calling +34 93 511 10 11; sending an email to info@balneo.es or a letter addressed to CALLE JOSEP ESTIVILL, 64-68, 08027 BARCELONA; or by filling in the Rejection Form.

Pursuant to Article 103 of Spanish Law 3/2014, of 27th March, modifying the consolidated text of the Spanish General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, the provision of services or the supply of goods that have been manufactured in line with the specifications of the consumer, that have been clearly personalised or that, by their nature, cannot be returned or may rapidly deteriorate or pass their sell by date, are exempted from the right to reject.

- Returns

Customers must return or deliver the product directly to BALNEO SPA SL, at our postal address CALLE JOSEP ESTIVILL, 64-68, 08027 BARCELONA, without any undue delay, and in whatever case, within a maximum of fourteen calendar days following the date on which the right to reject was formalised. The said condition will be understood as having been met should the customer have returned the product prior to this deadline.

Customers will have to meet the costs of returning the product.

Whatever the case may be, the products to be returned must be in perfect condition, unused and still inside the original packaging. Consequently, in order to avoid transportation problems, could you please make sure that any return packages are duly protected and sealed. Once we have received the package/s we will check the condition of the products. As soon as we have confirmed that the articles, along with any components, accessories, promotional gifts and documentation are complete and in perfect condition, we will go ahead with the refund of the payment made.

The Balneo SPA garments guarantee excludes product replacement in the following cases:

  • - Deterioration of the garment/s due to incorrect use

· - Deterioration of the garment/s due to staining with aggressive products (bleaches, dyes….)

· - Deterioration of the garment/s due to washing with inappropriate detergents.

· - Deterioration of the garment/s due to washing at temperatures higher than recommended.

The Balneo Spa products guarantee will compensate for any inconveniences caused by either delivering a new garment free of charge or returning the purchase price.

- Payment Refunds

The refunding of any amounts paid by customers will be made using the same means of payment that was used by the customer, unless the contrary has been stipulated.

STYLE BALNEO SLU may withhold the refund until they have received the rejected product/s, or until such time as the customer hands over the receipt for the return thereof, whichever occurs first.

Should there be any unjustifiable delays on the part of BALNEO SPA SL, with regard to the return of amounts that have been paid, customers may claim the payment of double the amount that they paid, regardless of any rights they may have to indemnity for damages sustained in excess of that amount.

- Returning Defective Product

Should it be the case that the product/s received is/are not in good condition and that the reason for this cannot be attributed to the customer, then the customer will have the right to return the product, informing BALNEO SPA SL of their grounds for doing so via any of the means indicated in the present Contracting Terms and Conditions, at absolutely no charge to the customer. Such returns, resulting from products that are defective or in bad condition will not be considered under the heading Right to Reject.

STYLE BALNEO SLU undertakes to meet the cost of any such returns and to replace the defective product with a new product in good condition, in accordance with the conditions accepted at the time of the sale.

Should customers wish to file a complaint by post, the address of STYLE BALNEO SLU is CALLE JOSEP ESTIVILL, 64-68, 08027 BARCELONA, any such complain may also be sent by email, to info@balneo.es.


STYLE BALNEO SLU reserve the right to bring such civil or criminal suits as they may deem necessary with regard to any improper use of the website or the contents thereof, or as a result of any failure to comply with the present conditions.

The relationship between users and provider will be governed by the currently applicable Spanish rules and regulations. Should whatsoever dispute arise the parties may submit their disagreement to arbitration or appear before the ordinary courts, in compliance with the rules and regulations regarding jurisdiction and competences in this respect. The company seat of STYLE BALNEO SLU is registered in BARCELONA (SPAIN).